New York Structured Settlements  and Structured Judgments

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How We Can Help New York Lawyers  and New York Residents

Engaging your own experienced New York structured settlement expert is a smart way to protect your clients as well as limit the liability of New York attorneys ,New York law firms and parties to certain risks.

Structured Settlements and Structured Judgments
Structured Attorney Fee experts/ Attorney Fee Deferral experts.   There are multiple options to defer the taxes for New York personal injury attorneys who earn contingency fees:

  • Defer receipt of attorney fees and save current year taxesbefore the end of the year!  Structure/defer as much of your attorney fee as you like. Fixed and indexed payment options are available with the structured attorney fee option;
  • Attorney fee deferred compensation arrangements with market based exposure as a non-structure alternative for attorney fee tax deferral.  Same type of deferred comp mechanism used by Fortune 500 executives to defer their bonuses.

Non Qualified Structured Settlements and Non Qualified Assignments/Opportunities to mitigate the first year tax hit and defer the taxes

          click on the link to read John Darer's published article [CT Law Tribune 6-20-2016]

Sudden Money┬« transition work and settlement planning expertise.  Help clients manage their transition from life events at a time when the overlapping factors from their loss and the legal process  have temporarily diluted their skills and cause them to struggle with financial and life decisions.
Structured Medicare Set Aside

Structured Settlements for Wrongful Conviction, Wrongful incarceration and Wrongful Imprisonment settlements
Periodic Payment Reinsurance (" Reinsurance Structured Settlements")

Group LTD buyouts
Terminal Funding

Funding agreements  ("annuities" between companies and other "non natural persons", extra-terrestrials excluded!)
Single Premium Annuities, Deferred Income Annuities, Retirement Annuities
Attendance and support at Mediation or Settlement Conferences in New York City, Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties), Staten Island, Albany, Binghamton, Ithaca, Bath, Cattaraugus and the New York Southern Tier,  Saratoga, Plattsburgh,  Buffalo, Syracuse, Ithaca,  Rochester,  White Plains, Westchester and elsewhere
Medicare / Medicaid and Special Needs Trust advisement
Preparation of New York CPLR 50A-50B and Kaiser Formula Calculations
On the fly NY CPLR 50A & 50B projections at Mediation
Obtain Rated Ages for eligible legal cases and Structured MSA
Life Care Plan Analysis
Financial Needs Analysis
Referral Services, including Estate Planning and Will Preparation
Life Insurance (term, joint life, we can handle substandard risks), Disability Insurance, Long Term Care)
Independent Professional Advice  (Structured Settlement IPA)

We have experience handling structured payment resolutions in a variety of litigation areas, including but not limited to NY medical malpractice, NY construction wrap up, trucking, aviation, NY employment , product liability, environmental, divorce, intellectual property as well as non litigation solutions such as structured installment sales and lease buyouts.┬«, LLC * Experience New Yorkers can trust       Call 888-325-8640